Value-Driven, Evidence-Based, Results-Focused

The health & lifestyle subscription is a health monitoring program designed to keep you healthy by doing the “behind the scenes” work for you.  YOU are the main event and the star of the show.  We are like the stage crew: we bring you the evidence, the how-to, and the support to help keep you thriving in the spotlight. There are a few main components to membership:

    • Annual Movement & Fitness Evaluation – included in the cost membership and scheduled once per year to establish a baseline of critical health metrics such as biometrics, fitness, strength, and movement. This head to toe, joint-by-joint, and personalized session can take 60-90 minutes. When was the last time your health professional invested an hour or more, uninterrupted, with YOU!
    • Content – monthly content will be posted to the communication platform on topics relevant to your health.  Use the content as educational information, or engage with the community on the topic to learn more and the ways others are implementing it successfully in their lives.
    • Community – gain access to an entire community of health focused individuals to help support you in your health journey. Hear from both peers and other health professionals who are working through with similar challenges and sharing in common success.
    • Access – have a quick question about your health?  Use the communication platform to ask your provider or put it out to the community for feedback.
    • Consults – a health and medical professional consult can cost anywhere from $50 to $250, but members have 24/7 access to providers to catch concerns early and keep things on track.
    • Monitoring – regular monitoring of critical metrics is the best way to manage any assets. Why should your health be different? Our team keeps tabs from behind the scenes, closely monitoring your progress while bringing concerns to your attention BEFORE they become catastrophic. It’s like having a healthcare ringleader, one who takes the burden of info-overload off you, so you can focus on the important things…like action!

How Does It Work?

What’s Not Included?

There are certain specialty areas that you may be referred to over the course of membership that are conducive to improving health results, but are not included in membership fees.  However, membership will grant you VIP access to scheduling these services.

  • Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment
  • 1 on 1 Health Coaching
  • Personal or Group Fitness and Strength Training